Foota Hype Might have a Second Stroke because Ishawna is now Pregnant

Lastnight the dancehall beauty & fans took to her Instagram after ISHAWNA posted 2 ultrasound pics suggesting that someone, maybe her is pregnant. Many are speculating that if its in fact her, the baby could belong to manager Joe or her rasta lover weyhimnamedey. Yes the same one she left FOOTA Hype to be with.
After seeing the ultrasound posts, I immediately ran over to his Instagram for any sight of baby booming news and sadly there was none. He didn’t even look like a man expecting either. He showed no signs of fatherhood pending. You know how men get fat when females are carrying? Lol he was still long & lenky.

Oh Lord, I hope it isn’t her because ISHAWNA ‘s career not even reach no WEY yet. Kmt. I also hope this ain’t no competition betwixt her & Foota, cause we all know that shortly after the two broke up Foots impregnated another female ..QUICKLY… I doubt the ultrasound pics are hers.. she can’t fool me. 😤😆😂👊🏽