Keznamdi debuts on Billboard

REGGAE singer Keznamdi is giving thanks that his single As Crazy As It Gets, featuring electronic musician and artiste Zhu, has entered the Billboard Dance/Electronic charts at number 19. The dreadlocked singer, who is best known for his soulful, roots-reggae sound, told Splash that stepping into the area of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) was not a conscious decision, but rather reflects his many sides. "We do music. I see myself as a limitless being who is inspired by all art forms. For me, this track has more of a hip hop urban feel to it, but because Zhu is more known for his electronic stuff, I guess it gets put into that category. But I like to push myself and expand my limits, so next week you might hear a jazz sound from me and the following week I might decide to put out a classical album." Keznamdi got the call from Zhu after the Jamaican opened for Chronixx at a concert in Los Angeles during the Dread and Terrible tour in February. "He said he liked the performance and wanted to do something with me for his album. Two months later, he flew us out to LA and we recorded four tracks over two days," he recalled. The experience recording with Zhu is one he will not soon forget. Zhu has decided to remain anonymous and, therefore, there are no images of the artiste who prefers to be judged on his music and not what he looks like. "He is not into doing interviews, does not do dubs etc. So before we went into the studio with him, we had to be searched to ensure that there were no cameras or cellphones. We got into studio from the crack of dawn until long into the night and came out with the four tracks. He called me later and told me that it was As Crazy As It Gets that would make the album," he said. Keznamdi said he was alerted to the Billboard entry of As Crazy as It Gets via social media. "My Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts blew up with just the fans and supporters wishing me the best. This Billboard thing is a stamp that we doing good things and we appreciate it." As to what's coming, Keznamdi explained that he is pushing his new track Champion, which was released on Fader yesterday and is set for release on iTunes today. He also has music in the works with producers DJ Chrome and Justus Arrison.