Spice Living In Fear After Being Threatened by Concert Promoter!

Dancehall artiste Spice claims she has been receiving threats on her life from a promoter in Chicago and is now living in fear. According to Spice, the promoter has threatened to kill her several times on the phone because she would not be able to perform at a show he had booked her for. “He says he is going to send bad man come kill me and he has bad man friend in Jamaica,” said Spice. But the Chicago-based promoter, Donoran Beckford, is denying Spice’s allegations. “Spice has no proof of that (threats). I didn’t threaten, I am not stupid to threaten her,” said Beckford. Spice said that she is unable to attend the show because she does not have the required documents to fly to the United States. “My visa expired and my travel documents are currently at the embassy and I just got a date last week,” Spice explained. According the So Mi Like It deejay, she explained to Beckford, prior to being officially booked for the show, that her visa would expire soon, but she had hoped to get an appointment at the United States Embassy before the date of show. “I have no control over the appointment date because it is an appointment thing and I have tried to explain this to Boysie (the alias of the promoter), but he won’t listen to me,” she added. But Beckford claims that it wasn’t until Wednesday that he was told Spice would not be able to perform at his show which was scheduled to be held today. “I can’t get any body to replace her this late. My whole promotion is going to get messed up because of this,” said an obviously upset Beckford. The promoter said that he will be suing Spice because he had paid her a deposit and he had already made payments for accommodation and travelling. “She will hear from my lawyer because I want back money I used to pay for all of that. I am not in any arguments with her, so she can stop calling my phone,” Beckford said