Usain Bold Took A Dig At Justin Gatlin After Embarrassing 200 Meter Loss : Read More :

Justin Gatlin embarrassing 200 meter loss in Rio didn’t go unnoticed and Usain Bolt couldn’t help but get a dig in. Gatlin finished third in the semifinals and subsequently failed to qualify for tonight’s 200 meter finals. The usual confident American didn’t stick around for an interview but instead head straight into his locker room. Speaking with BBC after the semifinals, Usain Bolt made fun of Justin Gatlin calling him old. “Everybody’s in shock,” Bolt said. You can tell from the 100m he’s getting old. It’s a fact the older you get, the rougher it gets to double. Next year if I go to the World Championships I’m not going to double. I’m going to do the 100m and that is it.” Usain Bolt is looking to win is third straight Olympic 200 meter gold medal tonight after defeating Justin Gatlin for the 100 meter gold medal on Sunday. When asked what does he want to be called if he win the 200 meter, Bolt says he is the word “immortal.”