The Caribbean islands with the best Potential Husband Material : Read more :

Recently we posted an article on The Islands of the Caribbean with the best potential Wifees, and the response was amazing!. We were left with no choice but to do an article on “Where to find THE BEST HUSBANDS in the Caribbean”.

 First let’s break down the qualities of a good husband :

1: Pampering : Woman love a man who pampers them on a regular basis 
2: Good sense of humor : If he can make her laugh, he’ll capture her heart.
3: Does your hobbies with you : It may not be his hobbie, but he’d have fun participating with you.
4: Loves children : Not all men love children, and when a woman finds a man who does – she finds that mature & sexy
5: Being supportive 
6: Dependable 
7: Makes you a better person 
8: Loves your flaws. 
9: Compromises for you 
10: He is Faithful 11: He is Understanding and a good Communicator 
12: Trust 

Now based on those qualities, we did our research to rank the islands according to who has the Best Husband material in abundance!

The Caribbean islands with the best Potential Husband Material

  1: St. Vincent & The Grenadines 
  2: Saint Lucia 
  3: Jamaica 
  4: Antigua & Barbuda 
  5: Anguilla 
  6: Trinidad & Tobago 
  7: Bahamas 
  8: Dominica 
  9: Grenada 
10: British Virgin Islands 
11: ABC Islands (Aruba,Bonaire,Curacao) 
12: Turks & Caicos 
13: Barbados 
14: Monserrat 
15: Cayman Islands 
16: Martinique 
17: Cuba 
18: Sint Marteen 
19: Guadeloupe 
20: Saint Kitts & Nevis 
21: US Virgin Islands